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We give you money to make fake news

For attention of Agitprop Film and many smaller artist people!

To be announcing big big Alternate Reality Cinema Project!!

Questions?  Email Us:


To securing artist friendship, Agitprop Film give many many American dollars to tiny artist people. Agitprop and many artist people make very big art together! From Agitprop Film you get very much money and very smart agent to be helping you make viral social media project. Some artist get $10,000!!


Agitprop number one fan of internet safety! You are tiny artist? You like internet safety? We give you art money and buy your art because it is about:


  • Hacking

  • Identity theft

  • Fake news

  • Propaganda

  • Deepfakes

  • And many more!!


Maybe you pretend to be other people on internet. Maybe you make fake news website. Agitprop is pleased to give money for many artistic themes!


Agitprop film hoping to find 30-50 big big artists to give cash money. Some artist get ₽600,000 ($10,000 American dollars!!)


Please to be submitting by January 31, 2020.



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